A Complete Currency Guide To Megapolis Game- Earn More And Enjoy More!

Currencies matter a lot when it comes to playing any game smoothly or becoming a pro player. In Megapolis Game, two types of currencies are used to buy various resources- coins and megabucks.

It is not an easy task to earn currencies more as there are multiple missions/tasks that a person needs to complete.

Before jumping to multiple gears, let’s discuss some basics of the game that you should know. In Megapolis Game you need to create your own town, buildings, houses, and other things that exist in the city.

Many resources are available in the game from which you can start construction work and enjoy every moment.


It is considered as the premium currency of the game from which a user can buy premium or rare resources more. To earn this currency, a player needs to perform various tasks, collect daily rewards, or build multiple buildings.

It is not going easy to build buildings, or to perform various tasks there is need of some intelligence work aka megapolis cheats. This currency can be used to buy high buildings, high workers, bridges, and other things entirely.

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Coins are considered as the primary currency of Megapolis Game. To earn this currency, one can perform various tasks like: –

  • Passing each level
  • Increasing energy
  • Collect daily rewards
  • Collecting taxes
  • Creating buildings
  • Collecting revenues
  • Signing minor contracts

As compared to megabucks, this currency is used more in-game. So, one needs to use this currency gently to perform various tasks. One can easily pass more levels by using coins to purchase essential resources.

It helps to accept every difficult challenge and achieve it without wasting more resources.

As we discuss currency plays a vital role in the game, so a user needs to collect it in sufficient amount to become a pro player. Also, one gets the opportunity to come in the top player’s list.