A Complete Guide on Breeding Treasure Dragons in DragonVale

Of all the Dragons in DragonVale, the Treasure Dragons are the most-coveted. These dragons are rare-metal dragons that recuperate tons of DragonCash when sold.

Here are some elemental treasure dragons and how they can be bred-

  • Bronze Dragon – Breed two dragons that have Metal and Earth elements.
  • Silver Dragon – Breed two dragons with Metal and Ice/Cold elements.
  • Platinum Dragon – Breed two dragons that have Metal and Water elements.
  • Electrum Dragon – Breed two dragons with Metal and Lightning elements.

The best place to breed treasure dragons is the epic breeding island. Meta dragons can only be bred after you reach level 17.

Gold Dragon

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The Gold Dragon is the most coveted and expensive treasure dragon. Gold-colored with red stripes, this treasure dragon is guaranteed to boost your park’s esteem. Here’s how you breed a gold dragon –

  • Combine two basic dragons – metal and fire. Both the dragons must be over level seven. You are free to use as many hybrid combinations as you like.
  • Once you’ve entered the two dragons to be bred, you will have to wait at least 48 hours. You can speed up this period by spending gems.
  • If your attempt was successful, you’d receive a golden egg. Place it in the dragon incubator after 48 more hours – you will have a golden dragon!
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Although it is not possible to guess the outcome of the breeding process, some combinations that usually work are –

  • Plant and brass dragons
  • Forge and fire dragons
  • Forge and metal dragons
  • Bronze and flower dragons
  • Flower and storm dragons
  • Storm and forge dragons
  • Scorch dragon and chrome dragons

As long as you keep trying, you are bound to get your hands on a rare treasure dragon that will boost your park’s aesthetic.