Covet Fashion – An Overview

Covet Fashion Cheats

Covet Fashion Cheats And Tricks For Beginners

There are several people, who really love fashion, but it is not possible for everyone to become a fashion icon. Covet fashion is the video game, which is all about dressing up the model. This is available for both IOS and Android users. This game is getting huge popularity, and the main reason is the feature.

There are many unique features, which are basically seeking the attention of creative people. In this, the players are allowed to choose the most popular brands such as Vince Camuto, Calvin Klein, and many more. We can dress up the character and get the chance to enjoy a lot.

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How to play covet fashion?

The concept of playing is easy, and the players do not face any kind of issue. However, the beginners may face some issues. The players get the several dresses and change the appearance of the avatar in the proper way. These garments can be purchased from the currency.

So, they are required to collect the maximum currency so that they can dress up the character in the desired way. Here are some best covet fashion hack and cheats to play better –

  • The game provides the daily bonus so players should at least open covet fashion on a daily basis. By this, they can easily collect the currency without paying a single penny.
  • The players should be careful while buying the garments. They should always make sure that they are choosing the option of those garments, which will look pretty and also come at a reasonable price.
  • We are required to make sure that the accessories and the makeup are on the top so that we can play better. Only buying expensive things and collecting many resources is not enough. The entire look of the model matters a lot.
  • The players can also link the Facebook account because by this; we will get the chance to add friends. We can help each other and make some improvements while playing. When we don’t have enough money to buy any dress, then there is also an option of borrowing the dress.

In addition to this, the players can also take participation in the active fashion house. There are many fashion houses, and some of them required the player to have a certain level. Apart from this, the players are also allowed to make their own new fashion house when they can’t find the one to join.

Final words

Fashion lover always picks the option of covet fashion as they can enjoy with friends and also polish the fashion skills. After dressing up the model, the player also gets the rating according to the entire look so we should pay proper attention to the look.

The players can also enhance the closet value, and for this, they are required to pay attention to some legit covet fashion hack such as borrowing from some friends, winning challenges, and managing the budget. By increasing the value of the closet, we will also get the chance to unlock some unique and different items.