Every Single Thing You Need to Know about Toon Blast

Toon Blast is the most popular production from Peak, and it counted under puzzle games. In the game, players have to solve more numbers of puzzles as to go far in the game or to make a good deal in it.

Players simply have to focus on solving more and more puzzles to get more currency in the game. Also, if they solve more numbers of puzzles, then they move up to the next and next puzzle in it.

Gamers have to know that in the game, there are boosters and combos present which are used for solving puzzles easily, quickly, or you can say in fewer moves.

How to get currency in Toon Blast?

Well, it is a good question to get got asked, and here in the post, you are going to meet with a good answer. In Toon Blast, players simply earn currency by connecting the game with Facebook, by completing the sign-up process in it, and also by solving more numbers of puzzles in fewer moves.

Another toon blast hack is buying the coins from using the in-app purchases feature. For the same, they require a good amount of real-life money.

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Features of Toon Blast

Toon Blast is filled with lots of stunning and classic features in it. All these features altogether make the same game stunning and classic among all others. Not only is this, but some of the main features of Toon Blast are also as follows –

  1. Various types of exciting levels and episodes present.
  2. Lots of objectives and different types of obstacles present in the puzzles.
  3. Two main types of currency present which are in the form of stars and coins.

So, these are some main features of Toon Blast which make it classic, and via these features, it provides top-class puzzles gaming experience to its players.