Game of Thrones Conquest Tips and Tricks

A game as diverse and engrossing as the Game of Thrones: Conquest, is not everybody’s cup of tea from the very beginning. It’s important to invest a whole lot of time and dedicated efforts into the game, in order to end up with positive results. But a majority of the players start feeling disgusted and bored in the intermediate stage of the game, as it gets increasingly harder to collect various resources, as their skills & performance level up.

Holding back on to your territory is a difficult task indeed, but we’ve carefully designed a few GoT: Conquest methods for you to progress better and faster in the game.

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Although it’s not necessary to upgrade all types of buildings in your territory, there are certain types of buildings listed below that are truly beneficial for your overall performance, if updated regularly.

(i) The City Hall – being the heart of your province, this is where the highest level authorities and officials reside.

(ii) The Academy – the city hall walks hand-in-hand with the Academy in deciding your profile’s overall rating in the game.

(iii) Barrack, Range & Stable – these are meant to train troops. As you upgrade these buildings, the training capacity increases respectively.


The Allegiances are groups of GoT: Conquest players who can chat, create strategies and build Allegiance points together. It’s extremely important that you join an Allegiance with only proficient and experienced players. But, if you’re a beginner, you may not have the privileges to do so. Let’s look at some interesting factors to consider while joining any Allegiance:

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(i) Instead of trying to join the top-ranked clans straight away, I’d suggest you better move on with a group, containing some really hard-working players, who are devoted to improving their performance in the game.

(ii) First of all, try joining a few Allegiances just to try playing with them. See if the co-players are supportive and cooperative towards your queries. If not, exit that clan, and start searching for another one.

(iii) Be helpful and polite from your side, because you need to maintain healthy relations with your Allegiance members.

(iv) Look forward to creating and sharing various game of thrones conquest hacks with your Allegiance friends. This will make the other members believe that you’re interested in mutual benefits.


In GoT: Conquest, it’s crucial to know about the stats of each and every type of troop that you have. There are 3 basic kinds of troops in your province:

(i) Infantry –  They are the most brutal and aggressive counterparts in your battalion.

– The troops under the Infantry division take charge of attacking in the front

of the battlefield.

– They suffer the most number of casualties, so it’s important to train and include

a comparatively greater number of Infantry troops.

– They can demolish the Cavalry but can be brutalized by the opponent’s

                    Ranged troops.

(ii) Cavalry –  Being produced at the Stable, the Cavalry is the backbone of all your attacks.

–  Their speed makes them the most efficient in farming mob camos and mill


– They can easily damage the Ranged troops but fall short in front of the Infantry.

(iii) Range – Troops such as archers play an important role in carrying on the ranged battle.

– They are really strong while fighting against the Infantry, but can be damaged by

the opponent’s Cavalry easily.

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