General Tips And Tricks To Earn Free Gold And Currency- Dragon City Mobile

dragon city gems hack

A story and wise chapter game that tries to give a better experience to its player is Dragon City. In this type of play, a user needs to train and breed dragons for achieving more winning of battles.

By winning the battles, they get the opportunity to unlock various levels and can find rare dragons.  To make the dragons stronger one need to earn more currencies and need to win the levels.

Here we discuss some DIY dragon city hack and tricks to earn currencies.

Here are some currencies:-

  • Gold
  • Food
  • Gem
  • EXP
  • The number of dragons, etc.


Always try to earn more diamonds which helps to earn other currencies for various uses. By reading many numbers of chapters and stories, a player can easily make more diamonds.

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It is like the same way to earn the keys, means reading more stories and completing the free chapters. With collecting more cores, a user can easily use it for unlocking various cheats. Also doing these things helps a user to make the dragon stronger.

Start from beginning

If one user likes more characters, then they cannot replay the chapters or levels. If they need to replay the level, they need to start from the beginning.

Unnecessary ads

Watching unnecessary ads in the Dragon City also allows a user to earn more gems. Make sure that you will grab the opportunity to attend the ads for achieving more goals.

By applying some above tips and cheats, a player can easily earn free gold, food, gems, and EXP to go further and enjoy the games.

More about Dragon City

For winning more battles, one needs to make their dragons stronger with proper breeding and training. Generally, a user needs to know that high attacking dragons contains low health points and low attacking dragons contains high health points.