Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats Tips And Tricks For Beginners

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Kim Kardashian Hollywood is those kinds of games that will allow the players to live a celebrity life, and almost every person wants this in their life. Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a simulation game that is available in mobile devices.

The popularity of the game is so huge that millions of players play it every day. In the game, players need to be famous, and they need to gain fans. To get achievement, there are several tasks and missions are available in the game.

In order to be a celebrity, there are several things that players need to do, and these guidelines you cannot find anywhere.

It is true that its a simple game and while playing the game players will get an indication, but still, there are more things that players need to know, and these are written below –

Top Kim Kardashian Cheats And Tricks To Earn Free In Game Currency

Bring Gigs and Friends in Photoshoot – In the game, so many things are available that players can use to earn more and to enjoy more. Kim Kardashian Hollywood allows the players to phone call and messages to friends in the game, and they can join the player in the photoshoot event of the game. It is a task that player has to do, and players can invite their friends in this as well.

Play Big Tasks to Win Bigger – In Kim Kardashian Hollywood, both big and small tasks are available. Every player wants to earn bigger, and that is why they do bigger tasks. In the game, it depends on the players what kind of task they want to do.

After playing games a little longer, every player understands which task is big and which one is small. So as per the choice, if the gamer wants to earn a higher amount of rewards and fans, then they need to participate in bigger tasks.

Try to Earn Stars – Every game has currency, and most of the time, the currency is categorized into two categories. One is normal, and one is premium, in the game, Kim Kardashian Hollywood stars are the premium currency which is so helpful in purchasing amazing things.

In the game, players can buy the stars from the real money, and if any player doesn’t want to invest in the game, then they can get a star after every 5 minutes after filling the energy meter in the game. or they also have an option to use kim k cheats.

Go on a date and Never Get Dumped – Kim Kardashian Hollywood will give the perfect experience of living a celebrity life, and that is why players can also go on a date in the game. There are some rules of the date that players need to remember never to lose the fans.

Whenever you are dating a person or another celebrity, just try to understand the situation, and when you understand that the date will not go well, then don’t accept the proposal and dump the other person. From this, you can save the fans, and you will gain more fans in the game.