My Roblox Review

roblox review

Roblox is a game that is specifically designed for young children. Therefore, if you are a parent, it is quite natural to be concerned about your child’s safety.

It becomes all the more important when you know that there is a live chatting feature while playing the game. Well, the good news is that the developers of the game have been thoughtful enough to implement some of the best safety and precautionary measures in the game to keep it safe for the young aspiring builders of the nation.

Therefore, rest assured about the safety and concentrate more on gathering the free robux as much as you can.

Impersonation And Defamation

The developers of the game know the importance of someone’s identity and how people treasure it and there for incorporated safety measures which are unmatched and unparalleled.

  • You cannot impersonate another player, the police, any celebrity, government official, Roblox employee or anyone else.
  • Using of others’ names and usernames is entirely banned, and you cannot even use the position of another individual.
  • You cannot post any inappropriate comment or post and ask for any personal information as well.

 Some Disallowed Activities

Several activities are disallowed by the developers to maintain the safety and security of the game.

  • Any comments which may relate to potential threats or self-harm is conveyed to the police department across the globe with whom the developers have ties.
  • You are also not allowed to look for a date or a partner when you chat or collaborate with other players as this is not a dating site.
  • You are also not allowed to write any hate speech or instigating comments which might cause harm to public property and safety.

Unethical And Illegal Activities 

Any unethical or illegal activities are not encouraged in the game including overly violent or sexual content in the scripts and messages.

  • Comments on real, shocking and atrocious real and pseudo –real world events which might incite others are not allowed in the game.
  • Dangerous and unethical practices, deceptive and misleading comments, gambling or any other criminal activity, is strictly banned so that no one is deceived or cheated.
  • No discussion about drugs and alcohol, sexual or child abuse is encouraged so that the minors are safe while playing the game, and certainly no discussion about blackmailing and extortion.

Some Other Don’ts

There are some other don’ts as well. You are not supposed to post links to any third party site; Also you cannot sell or give away game’s currency or any virtual item outside Roblox. Players are not allowed to announce any gifts, promotions, and offers or give away games codes to other players to visit your place. Remember that there are moderators working day and night to look after the safety and security measure of the game. You can be temporarily or permanently banned from the game, and it is entirely their discretion. Most importantly, if you want a wonderful gaming experience, then you will see that the features of the game are enough to keep you engrossed and you do not even require the roblox hack tool for any assistance.

Several Ways To See Robux Count In Roblox

There are several ways in which I can see my robux count while playing the game. As there are different ways in which I can earn the game’s currency.

I made it a point to know the exact amount that I had in hand. This helped me to take wise decisions about the purchases that I wanted to make. Moreover, as I knew that there is nothing called a robux generator in the game, I had to be more careful.

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The different ways in which such checking is possible to depend on the platform of gameplay.

I checked by robux count by using the website when I played the game on my computer. This is the simplest way to do it, I feel. All I needed to do is to open the browser and navigate to after which I had to log into my gaming account simply.

When the page is disclosed, I was shown my currency count on the top right-hand corner of the screen. At times when I wanted to have a clearer view, I forced open the icon by simply clicking on it.  This enlarged the figures and also helped me to see the Roblox currency level clearly.

Now, sometimes I also play the game on my mobile and during that time also I checked my account to find how much I hand in hand. Here again, I used the website of the Roblox game.

The current level of the currency is shown in different places depending on whether it is a mobile phone or a tablet. For my convenience, I simply opened the safari or chrome app in my mobile handset and navigated to

Once I was there, I logged into my game playing account to see that the level of my currency is shown under my username on the home screen. For tab users, it is necessary to tap on the icon to know the level of the currency in hand.

While using the mobile app, the number of currency in hand can be viewed by tapping on the icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. With this, the robux purchase page will open which will have the total number of currency at the top of the page.

This helped me a lot to decide when I should concentrate on the in-game challenges and activities and challenges to collect the currency or when I should concentrate on my game building knowing that I have enough currency in hand.

Since there is no tool to generate the currency of the game, such a check is necessary, and that is the reason I always checked my account before starting to play. I know that even the Roblox hack tool will not be able to help me out in a situation where I need to make a purchase but do not have to required money in hand.  With enough currency, I can customize my avatar, use special accessories, and add new features in my place to make it unique, impressive, immersive and dynamic.