Simcity Buildit Golden Keys: How to Earn Free Golden Keys?

how to earn free golden keys in simcity buildit

Simcity Buildit is the trending game and this simulation game’s successor is it’s awesome simulation gameplay which is loved among teens and other age kids. You are able to get started by downloading this game on IOS and Android device with ease.

Everyone can download this game because it is free to play smartphone game and it is offering you in-game purchases. This isn’t necessary that you should purchase these but do you know that every game developer wants to earn money so they will try to make you spend money on it.

Well, you are able to spend a little with the help of credit card but this isn’t the perfect option because you are paying a virtual currency which won’t last for long. So what to do now? You are able to earn simcash and convert if required.

On the other hand, you have the premium currency which is called as golden keys and you are able to earn it with ease but if you know the perfect method and that is trading as well as shipping. If you are good with this thing then you are able to earn a good profit with ease.

Where to Begin Trading to Earn Golden Keys?

The trading feature isn’t provided at the beginning of the game so many beginners may know about it. if you are an intermediate then this is the time to earn golden keys and this is possible with trading HQ. Every mayor has to take care of trading and now, this is your time.

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You have to visit the trading HQ in your city and it is unlocked after some certain levels of experience as mentioned in the top left corner of the screen. If you are on right level then you can get started. You can buy goods and sell the thing you have manufactured in your city.

There are many simcity buildit hack to go well. You are able to sell ready-made things like chairs but if you don’t want to go deep then you can try selling raw products. This is the only method to earn resources with ease but you won’t get golden keys directly.

If you trade well and able to earn a profit then a golden key will be provided automatically. This isn’t easy still now but after getting used to these methods will help you feel that this is simple and everyone can use such methods.

Shipping Process and It’s Benefit

If you are shipping at fewer prices than the usual price charged than you are able to get golden keys. This is true and most of the gamers rely on this method but this isn’t the same as you think so. You have to make a list of things to ship and then complete it before the arrival of a ship.

This thing will help you earn golden keys but you can go easy with the help of SimCity Buildit hack because this thing will provide you free golden keys.