Things You Need To Know About Mario Kart Tour


Mario Kart Tour is a super racing game introduced for Android and IOS devices. Players can easily play Mario Kart Tour with their friends besides can go to a grand world tour.

Hundreds of Mario characters they can find in the game and can choose one to play races. Racing tracks are based on real city world roads to offers a great racing experience to players.

Lots of exciting tasks, challenges, bonus missions, added in the game that gamers need to complete for going far. Also, 3D features, graphics, functions make the game super incredible in comparison to others.

Knowing everything about the game before playing helps users to play and progress faster without getting stressed. Don’t panic! There is no need to travel anywhere to know about Mario Kart Tour deeply. Here we are going to mention some essentials with tips that help you to play efficiently besides explore endless joy.

Learn Tutorial

To understand basics, essentials, what’s inside the game, and so on, players can play the super tutorial of the Mario Kart Tour game.

Beginners are suggested to play tutorial correctly in order to understand how to play or what to do instantly. Clearing all basics efficiently helps to perform smoothly without facing any issue.

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Know In-Game Currencies

There are two kinds of currencies used in Mario Kart Tour game named- coins and rubies. Also, stars are the external currency that helps players to unlock specific items as well as upgrades.

Each currency plays a vital role in the game besides contains its benefits. Every user needs to maintain these currencies in a more massive amount for gaining an array of benefits.

They can progress faster like no one another can besides can become a pro player. In the game, there are many ways available to obtain these currencies, but users need to spend some effort or time. Focus on the items that come while playing the races for gaining massive performance points.


The gameplay of Mario Kart Tour is straightforward to understand. Gamers just need to complete the essentials and need to play Challenges to go far.

Without learning the essentials, they cannot perform better. For example, they need to learn drifts in order to maintain speeds.

Players can easily understand the essentials besides can create powerful winning strategies by playing the game. Players can change controllers, characters, modes as per their needs, requirements, or comfortability. Make sure you change the racing controls as per comfortability for gaining more victories as soon as possible.


As we mentioned earlier, advanced features of the game make it incredible, so you need to know all of them. Understanding all features permits an individual to learn what’s actually inside the game or how it is unique.

  • Hundreds of classic missions, bonus challenges, frenzy mode to play are available
  • Use in game currencies to purchase every single item and perform efficiently
  • 3D graphics
  • Real city tracks and a grand world tour
  • Invite your friends and play in a multiplayer mode