Tips and Tricks To Call Of Duty Mobile Game!

tips and tricks to call of duty mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is an amazing first-person shooting game introduced b TiMi studios for various devices. Users can easily play the game on Android, iOS, Windows platforms to explore endless entertainment.

The set includes lots of challenging tasks, missions, modes, which makes it incredible in comparison to other shooting games. Also, in Call of Duty Mobile game, you can find battle Royale for enjoying new gameplay.

The graphics of the game offer an excellent action experience to its users; besides, they can enjoy more without facing any issue. There is no need to pay charges for playing the game as the developers freely offer it.

When it comes to progress in the game faster, players need to adopt some legit call of duty mobile hack or pro tips and strategies. Not only succeeding faster also it allows them to become a pro player besides play smoothly. In the post, we are going to mention those tips to help players a lot.

Try to focus on the forthcoming content more in order to gain additional benefits like no one another can.

Play multiplayer mode

In Call of Duty Mobile, players can find a superhit multiplayer mode where they can fight with other online players. Gamers can use different cheats and hacks to succeed in this mode as other players are also mastered in the game.

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Make sure that you have changed all the controls as per choice for gaining the rewards, as well as victories faster. Players can also invite their friends to play this mode with them as a team.


As we mentioned, earlier players are able to invite their friends to play with. Connecting the game account with Facebook helps them to gain a certain amount of currencies and invite friends. Every player is suggested to understand the value of teamwork.

They can easily create a mighty team and can play in multiplayer or Battle Royale mode to get victory faster. Also, you are able to communicate with each other via microphones. Better communication can enhance coordination, besides the chances of winning every challenge become easier.

Especially beginners are suggested to create a stronger team to play Call of Duty Mobile in different modes smoothly without facing any issue.


In the battle Royale mode of Call of Duty Mobile game, gamers can use helicopters for traveling and so on. Also, they can shoot from top to prevent attacks besides low energy situations.

Players are suggested only to use helicopters when they are playing solo, not with a team. Opponents can fire on the helicopter anytime, so try to be alone for less damage.

Upgrade weapons wisely

Hundreds of unique and high damage weapons are added in the game that you can use to kill enemies. All the users need to keep their gun always upgraded to increase damage power and reducing all the weaknesses.

A weapon with excellent damage power can kill enemies faster like no one another can. So, try to keep the guns upgraded with the help of in game currencies.