Top 4 Cleaner Apps For Your Android Phone!


Cleaner apps work in this way to clean the phone, which increases the performance. In other words, these applications help to enhance proper functioning of phones without facing hang issues in it. Many Android phones work slower due to insufficient space, substantial forms, viruses, duplicate files in addition to low optimization power. In this case, using the best android cleaner apps helps to boost up the phone performance.

You can better run any application on the phone without facing hang issues or slower performance. Don’t know which app is best for your Android phone? Don’t panic! Here we are going to mention top cleaner applications which helps you to enjoy proper functioning.

Clean master

Clean master is considered as all in one cleaner app in which a user can clean unused files, app cache, residual files, search history, duplication, or uninstalling apps. It permits a user to release more RAM for boosting up the speed beside for saving battery life.  There is no need to pay any cent for downloading this application as it is entirely free. Also, it has a high CPU cooler function which permits you to cool down the phone when it releases heat. Some of the unique features of the clean master are: –

  • Notification for cleaning the junk files
  • A game master for increasing the speed of games
  • Wi-fi security features
  • App lock for more safety

Memory cleaner

When you close an application, your Android phone doesn’t recycle the memory. It means the applications are running in the background, which causes massive wastage of memory. The more memory will be wasted, the more performance of the phone becomes slower. In this case, using the memory, cleaner helps to clear those memories or applications which are not more used. It speeds up the power of the phone to run various applications without wasting extra memory.

Cache cleaner- DU speed booster

DU speed booster is another best cleaner application for Android phones. With a single click over DU booster, you are able to optimize background apps, free up memory space, also for removing junk files. It helps a user to uninstall those applications which was doesn’t used for longer times. CPU cooler option helps you to clean those applications which are using more memory, also, to cool down the phone. Special features of DU speed booster are-

  • Integrated antivirus for detecting malware or virus
  • Network booster for better performance
  • Smart charge feature for accelerating battery power

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Go speed

This application is considered a lightweight cleaner which claims efficient supporters. With faster features, you are able to stop all those junky applications running on the background. It is designed with advanced monitoring technique to increase up the performance of Android mobiles. Other special features for using are mentioned-

  • Pre-installed terminator
  • Floating widget for accelerating memory status
  • Deep cleaning of junk files
  • App manager for uninstalling unusual applications

So, we can easily conclude that using these applications will help to enjoy the fast performance of your mobile.