Types Of Currencies Available In Choices: Stories You Play Game

There are many games developed by the IT industry, and Choices Game is one of them. The Game is perfect for the stories lovers who always try to complete half stories.

Like the same way in the game, you will get many stories like romance, hidden facts, adventures, crime-solving story and much more. One can perfectly enjoy the game by knowing about it adequately.

As all know for playing any game, there is a need for such currency. In Choices game, you need to use two types of currencies for playing correctly. Without using the currency, you cannot unlock the levels means cannot play the games.

  • Keys
  • Diamonds


It is considered as the primary currency of the Choices: Stories you play a game. One should need to earn more keys to read the different chapters in the game.

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Without getting keys, one cannot make a choice between stories and cannot play their favorite one. Keys can be earned in two ways:-

  1. Via payment- one can purchase the keys from the store where the game is downloaded. But before you make any purchase, you need to read the terms and conditions carefully. Paying attention to policies allows a person to get many discounts and save more money.
  2. Participating in events- this is considered as the best method to earn more keys as in this method you don’t need to spend any money. One can better participate in quests and events to earn more keys free.


This is also an essential premium currency of choices game. Through this currency, one can unlock more stories and can give a perfect look to the avatars. With that, they can easily enjoy the stories and can enjoy more without any stress and tension. Here are several choices cheats that are legit and currently working for you to get free diamonds from the game itself

These are some currencies used in Choices: Stories You Play Game for playing it correctly.